Pads anti-shock to the plant of feet Special Tongs

The soles of the feet pads special flip flops.

Manufacturer: Lysse Cosmetics

SKU: 634747T


Pads anti-shock to the soles of the feet special flip flops relieve the soles of the feet.

They protect the feet from shocks and are perfect for wearing heels or flats with separation of toes.Compounds of a transparent silicone gel they are very comfortable.The micro-reliefs are designed for massaging the foot and bring relaxation and well-being.

Invisible, they are soft to the touch and do not cause any discomfort with their finesse.


Pads for the soles of the feet for use with flip flops.

Using advice:

Remove the protective film from the pad.Slide it into the shoe to the level of the sole of the foot ensuring good glue adhesive.


Silicone gel.


1 pair of pads.