Oral B Oxyjet Professional Care

Hydropropulsor for more effective cleaning of the oral cavity and the gumline.

Manufacturer: Oral-B



SKU: 9745505


The Oral B Oxyjet Professional Care is to be used in addition to an Oral-B Electric Toothbrush for perfect oral hygiene. It has 4 actions to ensure a deep clean:

  • It deeply and thoroughly cleans your teeth.

  • It reduces the development of bacterial plaque, thanks to its microbead technology.

  • It gently cares for your gums.

  • It whitens your teeth and gives you fresh breath.

    This technology also guarantees:

    • The possibility to choose between a mono-jet and rotating jet;
    • Pressure regulation;
    • Cleansing of the air that the water contains when it passes through the cannula, by means of a filter specially designed for this purpose

    Colour: white and dark blue.

    Mains operated (power supply: 100-240V). 


    Waterjet for adults.

    Directions for use

    Use in addition to your daily brushing.


    Oxyjet, 4 cannulas, a storage compartment for cannulas and a large 600ml water tank.