Onagrine Global Expertise Contour of eyes & lips 15 ml

Care cure against wrinkles of the eyes and lips.
Manufacturer: Onagrine
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SKU 6124186 Onagrine Global Expertise around the eyes & lips 15ml



Anti-wrinkle concealer, anti-puffiness that lights up the eyes. Evening primrose active molecules associated with the concentrate anti-glycation of Terminalia South of the Nepal, to the natural essence of Rose black Baccarat, and the virtues anti-wrinkle, draining of the extract of Maca from the Andes Peruvian, make this treatment a powerful ultra antidote against wrinkles of the contour of eyes and lips. The infusion of watercress from Abyssinia to the anti-oxidant virtues limits the impact of free radicals and the appearance of unsightly stains. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and light powder he smoothed and défatigue immediately: fine lines and wrinkles is how, pockets and dark circles fade. This anti-aging perfect look from the 1st application; free of signs of fatigue, your eyes opens, lights and looks visibly more young.


Directions for use:

Apply morning and evening on cleansed eye and lip contours.



Essence of Rose black Baccara, cells of evening primrose, Terminalia Chebula in South Nepal, stem cells of argan, extract of Maca of Andes Peruvian, Infusion of watercress to Abyssinia, hyaluronic acid. Paraben, without animal ingredients.