Omron M7 blood pressure monitor automatic arm IT Intelli

SKU: 0083420


This Omron automatic blood pressure monitor allows you to measure accurately the voltage regardless of the position of the cuff around the arm. That's why Intelli Wrap cuff fits the shape and the size of your arms for a taking of action nice and reliable.

This device allows detection morning hypertension and irregular heart beat in order to avoid any heart disease and any stroke.This blood pressure monitor can even be conencter via Bluetooth to share data measured with his doctor. Follow-up is also possible from your smartphone.


Measure the tension and avoid the risk of stroke.

Directions for use:

Put the electric cuff around your arm and then launch the device.For more details, look at the record.


Weight: 390 g.

Dimensions: 124 x 90 x 61 mm


1 automatic blood pressure monitor.1 medium-large cuff.1 set of batteries.1 operating instructions