Omron Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor RS3

Automatic blood pressure monitor for an easy grip.

Manufacturer: Omron

SKU: 7210874


The  Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor measures your blood pressure and allows you to monitor at the same time.

This blood pressure monitor is equipped with the Intellisense system which automatically regulates the pressure of inflation for taking blood pressure more comfortable, it ensures that the monitor is well-positioned on the wrist and detects unwanted movement. Its large LCD display is clear, so results are easy to read.

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Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor.

Recommended Use:

Before taking your blood pressure, it is important to take certain steps to get an accurate measurement. It is also recommended to take several readings to get an average, 3 times in the day morning, noon and evening, for example.

  • Allow your body to rest for 5 minutes before taking a reading.
  • Ensure you are in a quiet, calm environment.
  • Do not smoke before taking any readings.

Undo the velcro strap and slide the Blood Pressure Monitor onto your wrist. Ensure that it is not too loose, but also not too tight. It needs to be at a comfortable tightness. Select the 'on/'off button' on the right hand side, indicated by START. You can then use the timer settings on the right hand side to take timed readings. The Blood Pressure Monitor will automatically start taking your blood pressure reading. For an accurate reading, we recommend a reading of 10 minutes.


Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor.