Omron blood pressure monitor automatic M6 comfort

Blood pressure monitor Omron automatic, precise and comfortable blood.
Manufacturer: Omron


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Omron blood pressure monitor automatic M6 comfort


The blood pressure monitor Omron M6 Comfort presents many advantages:

  • \"Intellisense\ technology" allows a quick measure, inflation pressure automatically adapts to the size of the arm. "
  • Arrhythmia detector.
  • Calculation of the value average of 3 consecutive measures. Calculate weekly averages of the measurements in the morning and in the evening.
  • Memory of 100 steps / user for rigorous monitoring of your blood.
  • A symbol \"OK\" confirming the good winding cuff. "

The Omron M6 comfort blood pressure monitor comes with an armband adult (circ. 22-42 cm), a set of batteries and a storage case.

Technical features:


  • Voltage +/-3 mmHg,.
  • Pulse +/-5% of the result.

Range of measurement:

  • SYS / DIA: 0-299 mmHg.
  • Pulse: 40-180 beats / min.

Dimensions of the cuff (average circumference of the arm): 22-42 cm.

  • Number of users: 2.
  • Memory: 100 measurements with time and date / user.
  • Inflation: automatic controlled (IntelliSense technology).
  • Deflation: automatic clearing of the air by valve.
  • The value display: systole, diastole, pulse, date, time.
  • Average value of 3 consecutive measures.
  • Irregular heartbeat detection system.
  • Weight: 380 g (without batteries).
  • Dimensions: 124 x 161 x 90 mm.
  • Power supply: 4 batteries 1, 5V type LR03 (provided). Optional AC adapter.


Automatic blood pressure monitor with cuff.

Operating tips

For a precise measurement of blood pressure and heart rate, it is recommended to use the monitor when you are at rest. For optimal use, avoid smoking or drinking coffee and other drinks before use.

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