Nuxe Eclat Prodigieux Powder 25g

This bronzing multi-purpose face and body powder gives a good immediate mine

Manufacturer: Nuxe



SKU: 7836411 Nuxe powder shine prodigious Poudrier 25 g

indication: this powder bronzer multi-purpose face and body gives an effect good immediate mine or intensifies the hale as much as desired this treatment applies to all women, regardless of their age and their skin type. It is designed to suit all dyed, clear or mats in a single step, the skin is sublimated and radiant, tanning is revived and unified.

presentation: 1 box of 25 gr

Board of use: apply the brush on the face, dcollet and the relief of the body (shoulders, arms...)

composition: Pearl Micronized, Ceramides, natural Bisabolol, vitamin E