Nuxe Nuxellence Detox Anti-Aging 50 ml

Anti-aging care suitable for all skins to smooth, regenerate and sober up the complexion.
Manufacturer: Nuxe


SKU 8000760


The Nuxe laboratory offers the anti-aging Nuxellence Dtox. This anti-aging is a recharger of youth and a detoxifying.

This anti-aging is wake up in the morning and at night. Indeed, the night is a time key because cells eliminate their toxins. But, with time, energy production decreases resulting in a slowdown of detoxification: asphyxiated skin loses its youth.

Therefore, Nuxellence Detox will act:

  • wake up: complexion is sobered and fresh through the night purification process and the flower of Passiflora,

  • night after night: the skin is refreshed and detoxified through the silk tree.

Thus, the skin is smoothed, regenerated and the complexion is dgrise.

, Non-greasy, light texture provides the skin a delicate sensation of freshness and well-being. The skin is radiant.

Instruction for use:

Apply the care in the evening, alone or under the usual night cream.


Free paraben and non-comedogenic product.