Nutrof Total 60 capsules

Copper, vitamins C and E against oxidative stress and Zinc for Visual comfort
Manufacturer: Théa


SKU 4476188 Nutrof Total 60 capsules


Nutrof Total is a dietary supplement that contains:

  • Copper, vitamins C and E that contribute to the protection of cells against oxidative stress
  • Of Zinc, which is involved in the maintenance of normal vision

Tips Nutrof Total 60 capsules:

2 capsules per day to be taken with a little water at the beginning or in the middle of your hand meal.


fish oil (omega 3); gelatin, purified water, vitamin C (Ascorbic acid); calcium ascorbate; (plasticizer) glycerol; (plasticizer) sorbitol, glycerol, shall (year emulsifier); lutein, zeaxanthin, safflower oil. Vitamin E (-tocopherol) and zinc (sulfate); extract of Vitis vinifera (grape, resveratrol), zeaxanthin, safflower oil, (colour) black iron oxide, iron oxide red (dye); copper (sulphate).