Nutrivercell Duab Propolis Cranberry Zinc 10 Capsules

Supplement with natural propolis, zinc and cranberry extracts.
Manufacturer: Nutrivercell


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The Duab Propolis Cranberry Zinc 10 Capsules is a synergistic association of two nutritional ingredients, cranberry and propolis, both known for their antibacterial properties. This antibacterial duo helps to reduce resistance and virulence of escherichia coli. These capsules are effective for limiting urine infections. Cranberry (Vaccinum Macrocarpon) contains polyanthocyanidines (PAC) with anti-adherence disinfecting bacteria on the urinary tube. Its effectiveness has been supported by the AFFSA in France.

Propolis: Resinous substance collected by bees from a range of botanical plants and trees, which they use as a shield for the beehive. Propolis is well-known for its antibacterial properties. It potentiates the effects of the antibiotics and cranberry (effects usually take place 6 to 12 hours after consumption), particularly on strains of bacteria and E. Coli.

Zinc: Natural anti-inflammatory effect.

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Food supplement based on cranberry and propolis.

Recommended Use:

First phase: take 4 capsules the first day and then 2 in the morning and evening during meal times for 4 days.

Continuation period: take 2 capsules in the morning at meal times for a month. Renew the cycle if necessary.

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Calcium Carbonate

Cranberry Extract (Vaccinium macrocarpon)

Propolis of Plant Origin: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose

Anti-caking Agent: Magnesium Stearate

Menthol Flavour

Vanilla Flavour

Embedding Agent: Stearic Acid

Zinc Sulfate.

  • Cap (Cranberry Proanthocyanidins): .. 60mg in 2 capsules
  • Pure Propolis: .. 120mg in 2 capsules
  • Zinc: .. 2.5mg in 2 capsules (or 25% of RDA)


10 capsules.