Nutrisanté Infusion Bio Depurative 20 Sachets

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Bio Nutrisanté infusions are 100% natural, from organic farming and contain no artificial flavours.

Infusion Bio Nutrisanté Depurative Sachets contain a mixture of various plants: lemon balm, liquorice, blackcurrant, nettles, dandelion, burdock and birch.

All these plants are grown in a natural way, which respects the environment and complies with the organic production method.

  • Dandelion helps the normal functioning of the liver and the gallbladder.
  • Burdock, nettle and blackcurrant helps to eliminate organisms.
  • Birch supports the excretory functions of the kidney.
  • Liquorice and lemon balm help natural digestion.

Nothing says relaxing at home more than a warm cozy cup of tea. Although we consider ourselves fervent tea-drinkers, it is important to know that there is a massive selection of teas available to help give us that extra bit of energy, to  give our immune systems a healthy boost, detox blends, slimming aids and so many more with an endless list of delicious and exotic plants to get you excited about all the flavours on on offer. See our excellent range of Nutrisanté products here!


Sachets containing natural infusions.

Recommended Use:

Put 1 sachet in a cup and pour in boiling water.

Brew for 3 minutes to allow the plants to fully release their flavors, and up to 5 minutes depending on the intensity of the drink desired.

Take 2-3 cups per day.

This does not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children and store in a cool, dry place.


Blackcurrant (17%), Nettles, Lemon Balm (16.5%), Liquorice, Burdock, Dandelion, Birch (10%).


20 sachets.



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H. Muriel
  the 23/11/2017
5/ 5
la date de péremption est suffisamment éloignée
L. Véronique
  the 30/09/2017
4/ 5
Bon produit
H. Muriel
  the 02/09/2017
4/ 5
dommage que l'emballage des infusions soit des sachets plastiques
D. Yvette-annie
  the 19/05/2017
4/ 5
P. Michelle
  the 18/08/2016
5/ 5
Goût très agréable