Nûby Thermo Pot of Conservation beak Inox flexible 270ml

Conservation stainless pot, take-out food hot or cold baby everywhere.
Manufacturer: Nuby


SKU 2610260


Nûby Thermo stainless Pot of Conservation beak soft 270 ml is a flask stainless steel that allows to carry baby food.

Manufactured in stainless steel 18/10, it has a double wall steel insulated for better insulation.
It keeps food at the right temperature, hot or cold, for 6 hours.
The stronger base prevents damage in case of fall and the walls are anti-condensation.
The pot is equipped with a convenient silicone flexible spout, with a drip system.
The two handles facilitate the handling by the child.
The nozzle is covered by a lid.


0% BPA

Directions for use:

Fill the pot of hot or cold food.
Close the pot carefully.
The isothermal action is effective for 6 hours.


Stainless steel pot.


1 jar of 270ml.

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