Nûby storage box 2 blue lollipops


SKU 260591B


2 lollipops blue Nûby box storage allows you to keep the lollipops to your child in a hygienic environment while traveling.

Indeed, it is often necessary to take one or more lollipops in the travels of your child. However, it is necessary that your child doesn't put in the mouth than pacifiers clean and healthy for him.

Thus, this box allows you to move easily and safely up to 2 lollipops for your baby.


Box storage pouvat accommodate 2 lollipops.

Directions for use:

Wash well the box with soapy water and rinse before use. Check the closing of the box before you carry it.


Polypropylene without bisphenol a.


1 box for 2 lollipops.

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