Nuby Bottle Drying Rack

Drying rack for baby feeding bottles and accessories.
Manufacturer: Nuby


SKU 2605302


Nuby Bottle Drying Rack helps to properly dry different baby bottles (from small bottles to large ones) as well as their teats. This practical and easy-to-store gadget has 16 drying arms which fold easily outwards as needed. As you can bend each set outwards, it is possible to dry slightly larger items. 

This support is non-bulky and handily fits in to your kitchen counter top space. Its reservoir collects water as your items dry and can easily and quickly be emptied into the sink. Providing clean and ready-to-use feeding bottles for their children is one of the most frequent concerns for parents. To ensure our delicate little loved ones and we should never forget that our delicate little loved ones have developing immune systems that may not be strong enough to fight the bacteria that us adults have. For this reason, it is important to ensure that their feeding bottles and accessories are properly cleaned and dried before using them again with our children.Nuby are experts in providing products for child care including feeding bottles, dummies, thermometres as well as bath toys and accessories for mealtimes. Their unique range of products is specially conceived to ensure your child's safetly. See more excellent baby care products from Nuby's range here.


Bottle drying rack to save space and time to conveniently dry multiple baby bottles and accessories after cleaning. 

Recommended Use:

Clean with soapy water before your first use.


Does not contain bisphenol A or phtalates (in line with current regulations).


1 bottle drying rack.