Nuby Blue Brush & Comb Set


SKU: 260071B


Nuby Blue Brush & Comb Set combines two ideal everyday accessories to keep your child's hair combed and tidy with a special delicate design that gently glides so as not to harm their sensitive and delicate scalp. Adult combs and brushes can often be harsh and sharp and you can risk hurting your child's scalp.

While the brush has soft nylon bristles, the comb has rounded teeth to give a delicate tidy to your little loved one! 

The handles are designed ergonomically so as to be held steadily. This handy little comb and brush set is easy to carry and can fit neatly into your bag or baby on-the-go pack to bring with you for whenever you need a tidy little touch up. Whether its an important ceremony, a family affair or just plain everyday shenanigans, you won't do without either a brush or a comb for a smart little fix up. You never know when you might need it but you will always be glad to have it! Nuby are experts in providing products for child care including feeding bottles, dummies, thermometres as well as bath toys and accessories for mealtimes. Their unique range of products is specially conceived to ensure your child's safetly. See more excellent baby care products from Nuby's range here.


Comb and brush to keep your baby's hair tidy and presentable. 

Recommended Use:

The brush and comb can be washed using water and a small amount of washing up liquid. Rinse well and dry before using.


Brush bristles are made from nylon. 


1 brush and 1 comb set.