Nuby Red Bathtime Thermometre

Thermometre to check the temperature of bathwater for your child's bathtime. 
Manufacturer: Nuby
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Nuby Bathtime Thermometre is an essential accessory for every bathtime to check and verify the bathwater temperature for your little loved one's daily bath. Ensure your child is out of harms way and the all-to-common issue of burning bathwater against their delicate and sensitive skin. Infants' skin is extremely soft and sensitive to different things like temperature which as adults, we often forget about. This bathtime thermometre also works to inform you of correct room temperature so you can best and more easily obtain that just-right 22°C for your child's wellbeing. This device is red in colour and is specialyl decorated to make your child smile. It is easy to read and gives readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

This thermometre has been created in line with industry regulations and saftey measures.

Nuby are experts in providing products for child care including feeding bottles, dummies, thermometres as well as bath toys and accessories for mealtimes. Their unique range of products is specially conceived to ensure your child's safetly. See more excellent baby care products from Nuby's range here.


Bath thermometre to ensure that your child's bathtime is a safe temperature to keep them healthy and clean.

Recommended Use:

Lie the thermometre down in the bathwater for a few seconds. After the reading stabilises (i.e. it does not change) take your reading. 

Ideal water temperature: 37°C approx.Room temperature: 22°C approx.


  • Do not leave the child in the bath on their own with the thermometre. 
  • Do not leave the child in the water for more than 5 minutes. 


Contains no BPA or phthalates.


1 bath thermometre.