Nozovent Nasal Dilator Medium Size 2 units

Fight against snoring and sleep disorders

Manufacturer: Cevidra

  • 2 or more: £8.90


SKU: 4878142 Nasal dilator Nozovent Medium size box 2

Properties: nasal dilator NOZOVENT treats snoring of nasal origin with a very high efficiency. snoring disrupts not only the sleep of others, but also disrupts the quality of sleep that snores, affecting his well-being and his health. Nozovent dilates the part closest and most flexible of the nostril. This has effect of reducing the speed of the air flowing into the nostrils by increasing the volume of air , facilitating breathing. Consequently, the soft palate vibrate more easily. Effort to breathe is less important, snoring decreases. operating tips: Pinch the flat parts (wings) between forefinger and thumb. first Insert a wing into the nostril back to the top of the nose and press the other wing to put in a good position. to verify the correct positioning, pull lightly on the part remained outside to ensure the good maintenance. keep out the reach of children.