Novo Nordisk Novofine Plus Needle 32g (0.23mm) / 4mm for Innolet Pen and Injection System 100 units


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Novo Nordisk Novofine Plus Needle 32g (0.23mm) / 4mm 100 units is intended for the injection of insulin or growth hormone, either intradermally (ID) or subcutaneously (SC), using an automatic injection pen or a multidose injection system. 

  • It is adapted by a screw system on the upper part of the pen's cartridge. It punctures the cartridge allowing the insulin to flow out for injection.
  • It consists of a stainless steel (iron, nickel, chromium) body with siliconised, extra-thin walls, bevelled at the injection end and another needle at the opposite end which perforates the insulin cartridge.  
The needle is protected by a sterile inner sheath, characterised by the presence of a circular rim, in order to reduce the risk of accidental pricking when handling the needle.  


Needle for pen injector and innolet injection system.

Directions for use

This needle is discarded after each injection.  


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100 units