Novanuit sleep Triple Action Lot of 2 x 30 capsules

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To find a quality sleep.

Manufacturer: Sanofi Aventis

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SKU: 1007262 Novanuit Sommeil Triple Action Lot De 2 X 30 Glules


NOVANUIT sleep is a SANOFI innovation, it is a dietary supplement that allows to find quality sleep in 3 phases:

- a relaxing action: with passion flower extract, ingredient 100% vegetable origin.

- a action on falling asleep: with melatonin, which affects the time of falling asleep.

Efficiency is proven for a taking 1 mg / day.

- a action on the quality of sleep: reducing Nighttime Awakenings with extracts of California poppy and Melissa, assets 100% vegetable origin.

directions for use:

Take 2 capsules per day 30 min to 1 hour before sunset, 15 day program by box. A renew if necessary.


For 2 capsules: extract of Passionflower 150mg melatonin 1 mg extract of poppy of California 8.4 mg extract of leaves of lemon balm 240 mg vitamin B6 4.42 mg


Boxes 2 x 30 capsules

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Number of reviews : 3
Average rating : 4.7 /5
K. Kinga
  the 06/12/2021
5/ 5
L. Anna
  the 24/06/2021
4/ 5
Very helpful for sleep issues!
A. Anonymous
  the 11/04/2020
5/ 5
The best sleep supplement for me. I've tried several different brands but always come back to this one because it works so well.