Noreva Actipur Gel-Dermo Lot 2x150ml


SKU: 2656963 Noreva Actipur free AHA Lot 2x150ml Dermo-Cleansing Gel


This dermo-cleansing actipur gel is specially designed for elimliner impurities, excess sebum and clean without damaging oily skin with imperfections.

it can be used by children in pre-puberte from the 1st sugnes of imperfections, for teenagers, adults and pregnant (after the 4th month).

gel is also formulated for sensitive skin.


without AHA, no BHA, SOAP-free, non-photosensitizing, non-comedogenic

operating tips

apply to the previously dampened face.

Lather massaging gently.

Rinse and apply the daily care.


Cleansing - gentle soap - free gel AHA-formula-free zinc-Base