Noreva Actipur Anti-Imperfections Day Treatment 30ml

Anti-imperfections treatment to get rid of blemishes and spots.
Manufacturer: LED NOREVA


SKU 4832080


Purifies, fixes and hides imperfections.


Suitable for those with skin problems. This cream corrects and mask imperfections in one single application. Thanks to its unique Phytosphingosine, Ceramides and Vitamin PP formula helping to remove imperfections and regulating sebum secretion, skin is mattified, imperfections forgotten.


Specifically designed for matte skin, this disguises imperfections and masks makeup without leaving any traces.

Recommended Use:

Before applying the ACtipur Cream we recommend you cleanse your face with the Noreva Exfoliac Gel Cleanser 250ml so that you face is ready for application. This cream can be applied all over the face and neck in the morning. Can also replace your usual day cream.


Phytosphingosine / Vitamin PP complex:Slows sebaceous secretion and combats the proliferation of bacteriaSpeeds up the disappearance of spots and blackheadsBlocks transmission of the inflammatory signalCeramides 1, 3 and 6: provide the daily moisturisation requiredMicro-sponges: matify the skinNon comedogenicNon photosensitisingNo AHAExcellent make-up base.


1 x 30ml tube.