Noreva Actipur Anti-Imperfections Cream Light Tinted 30ml

SKU: 4831910


Light-tinted cream to cleanse your skin. Purifies, fixes and hides imperfections. Non comedogenic. Suitable for those who suffer from skin problems. It masks your skin imperfections all in one application.

Thanks to its unique complex of Phytosphingosine, Ceramides and Vitamin PP, this cream gets rid of imperfections and regulates sebum production. For those with typically oily skins, forget those imperfections.Specifically designed for matte skins and to mask makeup without leaving any traces.


Light-tinted cream to mask your skin imperfections.

Recommended Use:

Applies on the face and neck in the morning instead of your usual day cream. If you prefer a lotion texture, we recommend the Noreva Exfoliac lotion 125ml to carry around with you day to day to mask imperfections.


Vitamin PP and Ceramides: speeds up the elimination of spots and blackheads, and combats the proliferation of bacteria.

Micro-sponges: Matify the skin. Moisturising agents: Provide the daily moisturisation the skin needs. No AHA. Non-comedogenic. For a natural complexion.


1 x 30ml tube.