Nexcare Soft Kids 20 bandages

Lot of 20 children bandages stained grounds; ultralight, flexibles and very soft.

Manufacturer: Nexcare 3M

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SKU: 6285340


Nexcare Soft Kids 20 dressings are light, soft and comfortable dressing.

Thanks to their elastic texture, they adapt to all areas of the body.So, they keep a good freedom of movement.These dressings are made in a non-occlusive material that allows moisture to evaporate.

The wound is protected, the dressing is light, comfortable and it remains perfectly in place.Your child forget the pain of the slightest thanks to the pattern and the colors of his bandage.


Plasters hypoallergenic for children.

Directions for use:

Carefully clean the part to protect and around its perimeter.Exit the dressing of its packaging and remove the fins of protection.Apply the Central compress on the wound.Do join the bandage on all 4 sides.Repeat as often as necessary, at least once a day.


Box of 20 colorful band-AIDS.