Nestlé Clinutren HP/HC Coffee 4 x 200ml

Milky coffee drink high calorie and high protein drink.

Manufacturer: Nestlé

SKU: 3241869

Nestl Clinutren HP/HC coffee 4 x 200 ml

Nestl develops nutritional products designed to provide persons undernourished all nutritional requirements useful for the operation of their organization.


The Clinutren HP/HC provides for dairy products for children over 3 years old and for adults for nutritional needs in case of undernutrition or malnutrition risk.

Clinutren HP/HC Caf is a milky liquid at the coffee taste. This drink is high calorie and high protein drink. Indeed, it is adapted to situations of loss of appetite and/or weight loss. It complements the meal and brings all the body's needs.

Tips for using Nestl Clinutren HP/HC coffee:

ready to use, Clinutren HP/HC is recommended as a snack or in complementation to the meals.

Fresh drink preferably shake before opening.

Before opening, store Clinutren HP/HC at room temperature. After opening, store ClinutrenHP/HC maximum 24 hours refrigerated.


Bottle not microwavable.

Is not suitable for children under 3 years.

This nutritional supplement may be used as the sole source of nutrition.