Nestlé Clinutren HP/HC chocolate 4x200ml

Clinutren is a drink high calorie and high protein drink contains 320 kcal.
Manufacturer: Nestlé


SKU 4637728

Nestl Clinutren HP/HC chocolate 4x200ml

Clunitren offers a range of high calorie and high protein food supplements to combat malnutrition.


Clinutren is a drink high calorie, hyperprotein formulated in the case of undernutrition or malnutrition risk.

Clinutren contains no lactose, it is therefore especially suitable in case of intolerance to lactose.
this drink chocolate flavour is recommended in case of loss of appetite or weight loss. It is ideal during a convalescence or following surgery for example.

Clinutren should be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet.

This drink provides 20% of proteins for 320 kcal.

chocolate Clinutren operating tips:

This drink during the day or during a meal.




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