Nestlé Clinutren Fruit raspberry blackcurrant 4 x 200ml

nutritional raspberry drink and blackcurrant for nutritional needs in the event of undernutrition.

Manufacturer: Nestlé

SKU: 4331202

Nestl Clinutren Fruit raspberry blackcurrant 4 x 200 ml

The Nestl laboratory develops nutritional solutions to enhance the healing process and improve the health and quality of life.


The Clinutren range offers products high protein for nutritional if malnutrition needs. Clinutren Fruit designs fruity liquid calorie and normoproteines.

Clinutren Fruit raspberry Cassis is a blackcurrant and raspberry drink. It's a Dietetic food intended for special medical purposes.

It is suitable for situations of loss of appetite, weight loss. It is particularly indicated for persons with a preference for non-lactes products.

, Ready to use, Clinutre Fruit adorns the meals of people undernourished at different times of the day.

Nestl Clinutren Fruit raspberry blackcurrant operating tips:

drink chilled preferably and slowly enjoy.

Shake before use.

Drink 1 to 3 Clinutren Fruit per day in complementation of food.


Do not use as sole source of nutrition.

Bottle not microwavable.

Lactose-free, gluten-free, fat-free.