Nestlé Clinutren Fruit Pineapple-Orange 4x200ml

drink hyperprotein Clinutren. Ideal during a convalescence or undernutrition.
Manufacturer: Nestlé


SKU 3276142

Clinutren fruit pineapple-Orange 4x200ml



Clinutren was developed by Nestl, this range contains supplements food high protein and calorie in case of malnutrition. Clinutren FruitPineapple-Orange brings 250kcal per drink. It is ideal as a complement to the supply during a convalescence or following an intervention surgical.

to pure fruit juice provides 8 g protein. Orange flavour is nice.


Clunitren fruit pineapple-Orange operating tips:


this food supplement provides not a varied and balanced diet. Clinutren fruit can be taken at once or throughout the day.


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