NatureSun Aroms Diffuser Plug EU

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Essential oil diffuser for tone, relaxation, breathing and relaxation.

Manufacturer: NatureSun Aroms

SKU: 9757555


NatureSunAroms diffuser is an essential oil diffuser.

It allows a soft diffusion of essential oils to take advantage of their virtues and of course the delicious smell they exude.Thus, they offer a multiple use:-improve ambient air quality.-remove bad odors-create an atmosphere (tonic, relaxing, refreshing...)

Practical, simply connect the diffuser to an electrical outlet to take advantage of the many benefits of essential oils.


Essential oil diffuser.

Directions for use:

Add 10 drops of essential oil on the plate.Place the insert in the diffuser and plug in the unit.It is strongly recommended to change pads at each change of essential oil.The average duration of use of a wafer is one month.


1 diffuser+ 10 neutral spare pads. EU plug.



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W. Mary
  the 18/11/2018
1/ 5
Not good at all. It required the extra purchase of a three pin plug with adaptor for two pin plug and the scent from the essential oil didn't disperse as expected.