NatureSun Aroms diffuser Nomad

SKU: 7978068


NatureSun: diffuser Nomad is a wireless broadcaster to take anywhere. Used indoors, it purifies your living spaces. Outside, he can fight against mosquitoes with suitable essential oils.

Its ventilation system cold allows a soft diffusion throughout the day. Simply place a few drops of essential oils on the absorbent pad and turn the diffuser.


Wireless essential oil diffuser.

Power supply batteries or USB port.

Multicolor LED lighting.

Directions for use:

Open the drawer containing the absorbent pad located at the rear of the diffuser. Put a few drops of essential oils, then put the diffuser on.

Regularly change the absorbent pad.

Place out of reach of children.


A diffuser of 12cm in diameter and 15cm in height.

+ 5 absorbent pads

+ 1 air filter