NatureSun Aroms diffuser Expert

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NatureSun: diffuser Expert is an essential oil by spray diffuser.It allows a broadcast performance of pure essential oils with cold-powered: perfect to preserve fully the properties of essential oils.It brings pleasure and well-being.This diffuser allows to adapt to any space: it is suitable for all rooms of the House.His utilisatioconvient to surfaces from 0 to 100 m².

It is possible to set:-the total duration of operation of the device-a broadcast time-the downtime.

Its design is pure and trend; He will decorate your interior perfectly.


Pure essential oil by spray diffuser.

Directions for use:

Fill a bottle with the essential oil of choice.Screw the bottle of essential oil to the expected location.Connect the diffuser to make it work.


1 diffuser+ 1 USB adapter+ 1 USB cable+ 2 blocks diffuser+ 2 empty vials+ 3 joints+ 3 tides of different lengths