NatureSun Aroms Ceramic diffuser

Essential oil diffuser to purify the inside and humidify the air in the room.

Manufacturer: NatureSun Aroms

SKU: 8001504


NatureSun: diffuser Arom's is an essential oil soft heat ceramic diffuser.Gentle heat produces a natural evaporation of the essential oils allowing aromatic molecules to maintain all their properties.

It allows to purify the inside and clean up the atmosphere.Ingredients of NatureSun essential oils are natural and organic.

Very quiet and easy to maintain, this small diffuser is also a perfect decorative tool.


Gentle heat ceramic diffuser.

Directions for use:

Put just a few drops of essential oils of your choice in the tray.Plug in and enjoy.


1 diffuser+ 1 vial 5ml citrus Relax.