NatureSun Aroms car diffuser / plug refills x 10

SKU: 4544820


NatureSunAroms car diffuser / plug refills allows the dissemination of essential oils in the car.

It allows a soft diffusion of essential oils to take advantage of their virtues and of course the delicious smell they exude.Thus, they offer a multiple use:-improve ambient air quality.-remove bad odors-create an atmosphere (tonic, relaxing, refreshing...)

Practical and easy to use. This diffuser becomes an indispensable accessory.


Car essential oil diffuser refills.

Directions for use:

Place a few drops of essential oils on the tongue.The drops of essential oils evaporate after 8 hours approximately.It is strongly recommended to change the plate with every oil change.The duration of use of a wafer is one month.


1 diffuser+ 10 neutral spare pads.