Natural Nutrition CLA Fitness 4000 60 capsules

Food supplement to reshape the silhouette, sculpt the muscles and help to lose fat
Manufacturer: Natural Nutrition


SKU 9974059 natural Nutrition CLA Fitness 4000 60 capsules


CLA Fitness 4000 helps people who want to lose fat and develop their muscles


CLA Fitness 4000 to regulate the metabolism of fats by stimulating University. The CLA also activates the burning of fat stored in fat cells, by reducing the activity of lipoprotein lipase, responsible for this storage.

directions for use:

Take with a glass of water


2 capsules per day and up to 4 in intensive phase


CLA (conjugate linoleic acid) derived from safflower. The capsule shell: gelatin, glycerol, colours: red iron oxide, black iron oxide.


Box containing 60 capsules