Naturado Organic Sweet Almond Oil 50ml

Hydrate your skin with this sweet almond oil, naturally rich in fatty acids, and vitamin A and E. Provides longlasting moisturising effect.
Manufacturer: Naturado en Provence


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The Organic Sweet Almond Oil is based on natural sweet almond oil to intensely hydrate your skin.

Sweet almond oil is a natural oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin A and E. The essential fatty acids are essential for protecting and repairing dry skin. They restore the hydrolipic film, which acts as a natural barrier to protect the skin from exterior aggressions. This means that skin is moisturised, smoother and protected throughout the day. They also calm skin irritation, providing an immediate soothing action and a longlasting feeling of comfort. Skin becomes more elastic and regains its suppleness. Also, the oil can be applied directly on stretchmarks.

This oil can also be applied on the hair. It restores dry and damaged hair, leaving it supple and shiny again. The Organic Sweet Almond Oil is the perfect treatment for split ends, as it nourishes the hair with all the necessary nutrients to bring back shininess, volume and strength.

Naturado have designed this skin and hair care product with such a compact design, you can apply directly the amount of sprays needed. Allows for precise application, and does not waste any product. Also, it is organic, enriched with natural ingredients.

Naturado have got such a wide range of oils containing all essential oils to nourish your hair and skin, take a look here!


Organic sweet almond oil to hydrate the body and hair.

Recommended Use:

Spray on dry or slightly damp skin and hair. Best results are when the oil is applied after a shower or bath.


Sweet almond oil.


50ml bottle.