Natessance Daisy Oil 50ml

Beautifying daisy oil to enhance your bust, chest and décollété. Renowned for its tonifying properties.
Manufacturer: Natessance
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Natessance Daisy Oil is renowned for its invigorating properties.

Indeed, its regular use allows to enhance and tonify while invigorating the bust and décolleté. It is also used for its properties which contribute to a firmer and feminine chest. Daisy oil is ideal for firming breast tissue having a tonic effect on blood vessels. The same effect can be attributed to firming loose skin after pregnancy to help maintain beautiful skin. Feel more confident in your skin!

This oil is also ideal for use in massage so you won't run out of ideas for ways to use it!

Natessance laboratories brought to you by Léa Nature offer a range of natural and organic cleansers and treatments for the entire family.Their products care for your skin with the utmost care while giving an exhilarating feeling to your day.See more products from Natessance's range here.


Beautifying daisy oil to enhance your bust, chest and décollété. Renowned for its tonifying properties.

Recommended Use:

Apply to clean, dry skin in the morning and evening on the face and bust. Rub in with light massage movements to facilitate absorption.

Can be applied on stretch marks. To penetrate the oil massaging.

Not recommended for those with allergies to asteriacea (plant).

Daisy oil (also known as Bellis perennis) is intensely oxidating and should be kept in a cool place.


Helienthus annus,

Seed oil,

Bellis perennis flower extract,





Macerate of daisies,

Natural Vitamin E.

This product contain no parabens, parafin, phenoxyethanol, silicone or phtalates.


Bottle 50ml.