Moustifluid plate anti-mite & bed bugs


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The plate anti-mite & bugs in bed Moustifluid eliminates 100% * the bugs bed, dust mites and that those of the gale.* *.This plate allows for 3 months of protectionapres opening.

This plate is made from permethrin, an insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion and that is active at the level of the nervous system by disrupting the conduction of nerve impulses along the axon.

It consists of geraniol (excerpt from geranium) for its repellant properties.

* Tested on Cimex lectularius, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, mites others hominis efficiency.* Proven after 10 h for Cimex lectularius (Bedbug). Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (dust mites). Proved effective after 24 hours of posing for mites others hominis (scabies mites).



Directions for use:

Position a plate between the mattress and the box spring in the middle of the bed, under each person (for a bed for 2 people, 140 to 160 cm, use 2 plates).For an intensive treatment in the case of infestation, put 2 plates per person (so 4 plates for a bed for 2 people).Use aluminium packaging to put plate to avoid contact with the product. Wash hands after use.If swallowed, contact the nearest poison control center.


Geraniol (case 106-24-1), 1.50% m/mPermethrin (case 52645-53-1)... 6.00% m/mPiperonyl butoxyde (case 51-03-6)... 6.00% m/mCopolymers, fragrances and dyes q.s.p... 100.00% m/m


1 plate 34g.