Motima Osmonagre 500 30 capsules

Osmonagre 500 helps to decrease the dry skin and revitalizes the skin.

Manufacturer: Motima

SKU: 7300745 Motima Osmonagre 500 30 capsules

The Motima laboratory offers a range of dietary supplement of natural origin for all the daily headaches.


The phenomenon of dry skin appears under the effect of multiple factors:dry climate, excessive heating, age, period of menopause, use of soaps, excessive exposure to the Sun.All of these factors alter the natural protective layer of the epidermis made up of lipids and water. The skin dries out, she pulls and the dander can form.

The Motima laboratory has therefore developed Osmonagre 500. A dietary supplement of natural origin that contributes to the vitality of the skin.

Indications Osmonagre 500:

This dietary supplement is made from pure evening primrose oil.

The capsules are of marine origin.

Directions for use:

Osmonagre 500 can be used in many cases:

  • Dry skin: regular treatment from 1 to 2 months depending on the dryness of the skin, at the rate of 1 to 2 capsules per day in the morning.Can also be applied directly on the skin at night before bed (pierce the capsule).
  • Painful periods: 2 capsules in the morning 10 days before the start of the rules.