Modilac Rice AR Milk 2nd Age 800g

2nd age milk for lactose intolerant children.

Manufacturer: Modilac

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Some infants are lactose intolerant so a substitute for cow's milk is needed. 
This is why Modilac have created a Rice Milk for babies 6 months to 3 years of age who are lactose intolerant.
This milk powder is anti-regurgitation. Its formula thickened with carob and corn starch meets the specific needs of the lactose-intolerant infant, in case of regurgitation.
It does not contain cow's milk protein so, not only is it suitable for children allergic to dairy, but also for those with diarrhoea when dairy should not be consumed. 
Digestive or skin problems are eliminated. The infant does not regurgitate and can digest the required amount with no problems. 


This milk must be recommended by a doctor to integrate into your child's diet. 

Quantities must be adapted according to the nutritional needs of your child.

Directions for use

  • Sterilise the bottle and the utensils necessary for its preparation before using it
  • Wash hands and fill the bottle with mineral water and heat to 40°C maximum
  • Add the milk powder (1 cap for 30ml of water). Dilute the contents in the bottle
  • Shake thoroughly 
  • Check temperature of mixture with your fingers and it's ready!