Melvita Organic Wildflower Honey 500g


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Melvita Organic Wildflower Honey is a bio honey created by Melvita in France.Honey is traditionally renowned for its many beneficial properties and virtues and has been used for millenia by peoples around the world. A natural sweetener, it has also numerous application in home remedies. Furthermore, it can also be used for skin care. Melvita present this wildflower honey harvested directly from the hive and meeting organic standards.Their honey is harvested with great care, extracted by cold centrifugation and not overheated in order to maintain its rich natural flavour (as is wont to be lost with other processed foods). Acacia honey has a sweet and delicate taste. And get this... kids love it!This product is bio certified meaning that it has met standards of organic farming. Organic farming is vital in the maintenance of clean and healthily sourced products with and aim of maintaing a balance with the environment.

Since 1983, Melvita laboratory has been developing natural products by rigorously selecting its ingredients.

Thanks to its expertise and know-how, Melvita has become one of the first French natural and organic brands.Have a look at more natural products from Melvita's range here!


Delicious organic honey for consumption, cooking or your beauty regime.

Recommended Use:

Can be used either on it own, cooking or even in beauty prep. Note: Marbley white crystallisation may appear over time. This is a natural phenomenon and does not affect the quality of the honey.


Organic wildflower honey.


Glass jar 500g.