Mela Aura Emulsion Mattifying Seboregulatrice 50ml


SKU: 7547204 Mela Aura Emulsion Mattifying Seboregulatrice 50 ml

Naturally fragile, your skin will react to the slightest aggression. This sensitivity is manifested on the face by skin problems such as a proliferation of sebum. skin tends to shine at the level of the forehead, nose and Chin while being dry on the cheeks. MELA'AURA Emulsion mattifying seboregulatrice has been specially formulated to meet these inconvenience :-Grapefruit seed extracts regulate the excessive procuction of sebum. -micro-poudres matifying absorb excess sebum -emulsion enriched moisturizes the skin. texture is pleasant, light and penetrates quickly. operating tips : Apply morning on face.