Medela washable pads box of 4

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The Medela pads avoid the flow of milk during breast-feeding.

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SKU: 9707445 Medela pads washable box of 4


Medela nursing pads absorb milk flows and protect your clothes from the unsightly milk halos. They are washable and reusable.They are very gentle on the skin and breathable because they let air circulate around the nipple. Thanks to their anti-microbial material (composed of antimicrobial polyester, viscose and polyurethane), they reduce odours and the risk of bacteria developing. The outline of the pad is sealed by ultrasounds, to prevent any leaks by sewing.

Medela pads washable operating tips:

Place a washable nursing pad in your bra after each feeding. After use, put them to wash. When most important climbs of milk, it is recommended to change more often of pad.