Medela Purelan 100 (37g)

PureLan 100 is a hydrating for the nipples during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Manufacturer: Medela

SKU: 7880085


PureLan 100 of Medela laboratories is an ideal care to moisturize and soften the nipples during pregnancy and breastfeeding.It promotes the regulation of sebum that frequent suction has diminished.It is suitable also to dry baby, but also the lip skin and nose protection during the winter.Its handy cap allows easy opening and hygenic one-handed.

This care naturally being very dense and compact, we recommend to rub a little between your fingers before applying.


Breast care.

Directions for use:

After breastfeeding, express a little milk and wipe it on the nipple and areola, then let dry.Then, apply a little PureLan™ 100.No need to remove it before breastfeeding.


100% ultra pure USP/EP1 lanolin.

Without additives or preservatives.


37g tube.