Manouka Bracelet anti-mosquito black + refill 6ml

Wristband is impregnated with a solution to the IR 3535, very effective against European and tropical mosquitoes.

Manufacturer: Manouka

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The mosquito expert is the laboratory used offers a mosquito repellent bracelet black.

Effectiveness clinically proven by the test of the cage, this bracelet, impregnated with a solution made up of IR 35/35 to 10%, regrowth:

  • mosquitoes,
  • flies,
  • the ticks,
  • horseflies,
  • the bees,
  • the wasps.

Most of this product?

  • Made of neoprene, it is suitable for the most sensitive skins.
  • It's waterproof.
  • It can be worn at your convenience, wrist or ankle.
  • It is very easy to adjust.


Repellent bracelet for adults and children older than 36 months.It can be used by pregnant women.

Directions for use:

During each use, soak the bracelet of 10 drops of assets. Well empty the pipette after use.Wait 30 minutes.Snapping the wrist or ankle bracelet.

An application of 10 drops on the bracelet guarantees a repulsive effectiveness of 6 hours per day and 1 meter around the bracelet.A vial of 6ml allows a repeated use of the bracelet for 1 month.


IR 3535 (10%) of Merck kGaA. Without DEET.Bracelet neoprene.


1 bracelet and 1 6ml refill.