MAM Soother Silicone Decor reindeer + 6 months


SKU 641467B Mam Sucette Silicone Dcor Renne +6 Mois


Pacifier anatomical Silicone 6 + months Edition winter reindeer of Mam is a lollipop with the silk teat which will respect the shape of the mouth.

A pacifier for babies 6 + months that will respond to the natural reflex of your baby sucking and will bring him a feeling of comfort and immediate appeasement.

The bezel is pleasant in contact with the skin.

Equipped with a button that allows to easily fasten to the pacifier clip and catch it easily.

directions for use:

Before first use and after each use, clean the soother thoroughly and disinfect then.

For the pacifier cleaning, we recommend a detergent and to first disinfect the boil.

After cleaning or disinfection of the pacifier, pull out the contingent remainder of liquid in the teat then let it dry.

Do not clean the soother in the dishwasher to avoid damage.

Do not disinfect the soother in the microwave to avoid deformation and damage.


Silicone and BPA-free


Soother 6 + months