MAM pacifier collar refined Silicone 6 months +.

This Soother silicone for 6 months and will be more rapidly adopted by your kids thanks to its sleek neck frill.
Manufacturer: MAM
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SKU 54430POR MAM pacifier collar refined Silicone 6 months +


MAM flange refined Silicone 6 months + is a collar that has been developed in collaboration with dentists, pediatricians and Orthodontists to best meet the needs of baby sucking. Flange MAM is the airier all lollipops and is particularly suitable for babies delicate skin who may suffer from irritation. Characteristics of flange:-design with symmetrical shape that sits naturally in the correct position, - flange with wide opening which breathable skin and allowing to see the smile of baby - teat silk of a unique softness for comfort baby during suction.

directions for use:

After each use, wash the collar with soapy water warm. Note: Need to suction of infants 6 months and +.


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