Magic Microfibre Towel


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Magic Microfibre Towel is a product that speeds up hair drying thanks to its super absorbent material.

It reduces the need for an electronic hair dryer, which saves you time and energy. The soft fabric, shape and the easy clip attachment means it is adapted for everyone, everywhere. Get perfectly dried hair on holiday, at home, or at the pool.

Made by Lysse Cosmetics. Lysse Cosmetics offer a wide range of trendy beauty accessories and innovative wellness products: manicure sets, pedicure sets, travel accessories, natural deodorants and more...Stock up on practical everyday products at low prices!


Microfibre towel for drying hair.

Directions for use:

With the head faced down, position the centre of the towel onto the back of the neck. Wrap your hair by turning the tip of the towel. Bring the edge of the towel to your neck and attach it to the loop on the button to fix it in place. Leave to dry for as long as necessary.

Dry out towel after use. Wash regularly according to instructions.


Microfibre towel. 80% polyester. 20% polyamide.


1 towel. Colour may vary.