Lysse Alun Stone Deodorant Spray 100ml

Alun stone natural deodorant spray.

Manufacturer: Lysse Cosmetics

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This deodrant is asy-to-use and 100% natural. The alum stone becomes the key component for your personal hygiene, giving you a feeling of freshness and protection that lasts throughout the day.

The alun potassium stone: A mineral salt of 100% pure, natural origin is extracted from its natural source, and is the active ingredient of antiperspirants, hygiene is controlled while still allowing air flow.


Soothing and moisturising, natural antiperspirant spray.

Recommended Use:

Spray under your armpits and hold at a 15cm distance. Suitable for sweating-prone areas: face, legs and feet. For foot hygiene, we recommend the Lysse Happy Feet 100ml.

Also recommended to soothe sunburns, irritations, cuts, injuries and shaving burn, hair removal and mouth ulcers.


Potassium Sulphate (Alum Stone). Aqua (Water).


1 x 100ml can.