Lysse Happy Feet 100ml

Hypoallergenic spray against athlete's foot and fungal infections. Learn more
Manufacturer: Lysse Cosmetics
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Based on alun stone, this natural spray deodorant limits odors caused by foot perspiration by killing the bacteria responsable.

It prevents also the development of fungal infections and fight against athlete's foot.


Lysse Happy Feet Spray is mainly used for sweating and foot odor, fungal infections and athlete's foot.

Recommended Use:

Before or after any physical activity, coming out of the shower or any time of the day, spray Lysse Happy Feet Spray on your feet and areas prone to fragrant sweating and at risk of fungal infections. To control body perspiration, we recommend the Lysse Alun Stone Deodorant Spray 100ml.


Natural Alun Stone. Aqua (Water).


1 x 100ml can.

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