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Lysse Natural Alun Stone 120g

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Crystal stone, also known as stone of alum, is a mineral (aluminum and potassium sulphate) which with a slight amount of moisture, leaves a thin layer of salt on skin and fights the bacteria that cause odors.

This does not prevents the perspiration process and does not block pores on skin. It is 100% natural, consisting of one single "ingredient" and this stone can last for years, provided it is not accidentally broken.


There are two types of alun stone. The first is a natural ingredient, extracted from mines, the other is synthetic and manufactured by the chemical industry.

They can be distinguished by their appearance. It comes down to identifying the "Ammonium alum" on the label to distinguish a synthetic stone. The term "Potassium alum" characterises a natural stone, used in Lysse.

Recommended Use:

Dry your body after a shower, use the stone on your body while it is still damp. It changes the thick and viscous layer of usual deodorants, which often leave marks on clothing.

Stone of alum is also haemostatic, and so can help to stop bleeding from small cuts, marks from shaving or even to heal a mouth ulcer. It is also extremely effective against irritation and pimples after shaving, particularly recommended for people with sensitive skin from shaving. Alum stone has no smell... If you do prefer a fragrance, you can moisten your stone with an essential oil or a floral water instead of water.

See our range of floral water sprays. Floral water spray can be convenient to slide in your bag to use easily at any time of day, wherever you are.


100% Potassium Alun, without Aluminum Chlorohydrate.


1 x 120g Alun stone.

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