Luc and Lea Sterilisable Transport Box for Dummy

Pacifier pink silicone "Welcome" box age 0-2 months with its shipping box

Manufacturer: Luc et Léa



SKU: 5182371

Luc and Lea Sterilisable Transport Box for Dummy

Properties Luc and Lea Soother silicone girl:

Lollipop special babies premature and new born. ELL is equipped with a symmetrical teat silicone small and short, ideal for the small Palace of premature babies and infants from 0 to 2 months.

The smaller flange is ventilated avoiding irritations due to prolonged saliva on skin contact. The button is designed to facilitate the handling and facilitate in the mouth or removal of the soother.

Sucking is a natural and innate need in infants. Luc and Lea lollipops comply with the harmonious development of the teeth and gums.

Soother BPA free

Sterilizable shipping box: it is suitable for all types of lollipops. This ingenious box is Sterilizable in the microwave and also a hygienic storage box.

colour: transparent lollipop with a writing pink and the transport box pink